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Acupuncture Reduces Mood Swings


Mood swings may have several causes, including chemical imbalances and hormonal changes. Various types of physical illness can cause mood highs and lows. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine often reduce mood swings. Acupuncture removes energy blockages, stabilizes hormonal fluctuations and increases production of serotonin (the body’s natural mood enhancer).

Mood swings affect about 70 percent of women who are approaching menopause. Typically lasting during the entire menopause transition, some women may experience mood fluctuations for the rest of their life. Three strategies can be considered for treating mood swings: Lifestyle changes, alternative medicine and medication. Lifestyle changes include stress reduction techniques, a diet rich in estrogenic food (alfalfa, soy, apples, cherries, potatoes, rice, wheat, and other mood enhancers) and incorporating regular exercise which all have positive effects on the treatment of mood swings.

The most common drug therapy for treating mood swings is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which stabilizes hormonal imbalance but entails serious side effects and increases risk of certain cancer types among women. Before taking synthetic hormones as mood enhancers, lifestyle changes and alternative medicine should be considered. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy are effective in the treatment of mood swings and are natural and safe mood enhancers.

A combination of approaches, including lifestyle changes combined with acupuncture and herbal remedies can stabilize hormonal imbalance. Acupuncture involves little or no risk and can be considered one of the best and safest ways for treating mood swings. Tai chi and qigong exercises also help women to harmonize emotions by maintaining a better balance between yin and yang aspects of their bodies. Other natural remedies for mood swings that may be combined with acupuncture include yoga and massage. Acupuncture therapy session length recommendation to treat mood swings may consist of an initial seven to ten treatment plan. For more information about acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy for mood disorders contact Dr. Richard Browne at (305) 595-9500.